Marine Ecosystem

65 Impact of Global Climate Change on Marine Ecosystem

Introduction: Marine Ecosystem The oceans encompass over 70% of the Earth's surface, emphasizing their importance ...
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46 What is Cyclone, Different forms of cyclone, Distribution of cyclone

Introduction- Cyclones are the most terrible storms on Earth. A cyclone is a system of ...
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38 What is Tsunami, “Cases, Distribution of Tsunami Prone Region and Prevention Majors have taken during Tsunami” (Before, during, and after)

Introduction: The word "tsunami" is borrowed from the Japanese tsunami 波 t, meaning "harbor wave".A ...
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24 Atlantic Ocean: Mysteries Geographical Facts

General Introduction: Atlantic Ocean The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest ocean, accounting for about one-fifth ...
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Salinity in Ocean

Salinity in Ocean The oceans are types of basins on the surface of the earth ...
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Pacific Oceanic Bottom Relief

The Pacific Ocean is known as the biggest ocean on the earth which occupies 1/3rd ...
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03 Coral Reefs

Chapter -1 CORAL REEFS Introduction: Coral is a cold rock type that mainly consists of ...
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Introduction of Oceanography

General introduction: Oceanography The Earth’s surface is divided into two major types: oceanic, with a ...
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