Remote Sensing & GIS

Disaster management

70 The Secret Weapon of Disaster Response: Remote Sensing and GIS

Introduction: Disaster Management Disasters, whether natural or man-made, can have a devastating impact on communities, ...
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GIS Data Models

68 GIS Data Models:- Discovering New Insights From GIS Data Models

Introduction GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, is a technology that allows for the collection, storage, ...
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Geographic Information System

64 What is Geographic Information System (GIS): The concept of GIS, why do we need the GIS and its components?

Introduction Most of the time, we use our geographic knowledge for everyday activities like figuring ...
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63 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV): Futuristic Technology of Remote Sensing

Introduction:- Drones are revolutionizing remote sensing and GIS applications. For example, a Drone can be ...
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Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image

59 What is Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and its important Applications

Introduction: Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Researchers and scientists utilize hyperspectral remote sensing, (also known as imaging ...
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Lidar Remote Sensing

57 LIDAR Remote Sensing: Historic Development, components, and Advantage of LIDAR Remote Sensing

Introduction: LIDAR Remote Sensing Lidar remote sensing is the modernist form of remote sensing (The ...
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Geometric Corrections

54 Geometric Corrections in Remote Sensed Image

Introduction Remote sensing is the science of collecting information about any object on a surface ...
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Microwave Remote Sensing

48 The Concept of Microwave Remote Sensing, its Geometry, and its Applications

A brief history of Remote Sensing The beginning of remote sensing starts from capturing aerial ...
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Satellite Remote Sensing

47 Satellite Remote Sensing and Landsat Satellite Series

At present, one of the most powerful instruments for the study of climate change ecology, ...
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