Himalayas Mountain

51 The Secret of the Himalayas: Ecology, Climate, And Geology

The Himalayas(In Fact) The Himalayas, or Himalayas (Hima "snow", aa-laya "dwelling", "dwelling"), are a mountain ...
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What is Mountain

50 What is Mountain, Different Mysterious Mountain Systems exists on the Earth

What is Mountain? A mountain is an elevated portion of the earth's crust, ordinarily with ...
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40 Landslides: Movement of Big Rocks, Sediments

General Introduction: Landslides are defined as the movement of large rocks, sediments, or landslides.Landslides are ...
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Earthquakes Readings

36 Earthquakes “Types, relative theories, different types of waves, Major zones of earthquake and prevention taken earthquake disaster situation”.

Introduction: Earthquakes are the result of crustal structure plates or plates moving through the Earth's ...
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31 Plate Tectonic

Introduction: Plate Tectonic It is known that the earth's crust must have about 35 km ...
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Theory of Continental Drift

Theory of Continental Drift The concept of drifting the continent was proposed by Antonio snider ...
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