44 Bio-Medical Waste- (Need Proper Medical Waste Disposal)

Bio-Medical Waste

What Can a Medical Waste Disposal Company Do for You? Bio-Medical waste may not be something you think a lot about, but it can be a real problem, and in more ways, than you think. Here are five things about the trash produced by medical practices that you may not have known. Medical waste can … Read more

43 Future Threat of Radioactive contamination, The Concept of radioactivity, radioactive pollution, Causes and after-effects of a radioactive incident, Control Measures & what to do in the incident of a radioactive accident.

Radioactive Pollution

General Introduction: Radioactive pollution occurs when there is a blockage or spread of electronic devices in the air or the environment, especially where they are present and exposed. Environmental hazards due to poor electrical equipment. The breakdown of electronic devices is due to the emission of negatively charged electronic devices (electromagnetic radiation) such as beta … Read more

39 Biodiversity Hotspot “Concept, World Distribution Needs for the Biodiversity Hotspot and Threats to Biodiversity”

Biodiversity Hotspot0

Introduction to Biodiversity Hotspot: – A biodiversity hotspot is a biogeographic region that is both a significant reservoir of biodiversity and is threatened with destruction. The diversity of plant and animal species in a given ecosystem is referred to as biodiversity. In 1988, British biologist Norman Myers coined the word “biodiversity hotspot” to describe a … Read more

35 Uttarakhand Flash Flood: UNESCO World Heritage Nanda Devi National Glacier

Nanda Devi Glacier

Introduction: Uttarakhand Flash Flood 7th February in 2021, in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, about 300 km east of Dehradun triggering a massive avalanche and a flash flood, The scene of a disaster that occurred in Uttarakhand was one of the biggest devastations by the flash flood. Site of the UNESCO World Heritage Nanda Devi National Park … Read more

34 Plastic Pollution: Analysis of the Profound Effects of Plastic Growing

Plastic Pollution

Introduction: Plastic Pollution Plastic pollution is widespread. Throw enough plastic to bypass the soil four times a year. Plastics are harmful to human health due to the chemicals used in their manufacture. These chemicals are used to change the properties of plastics. Toxins are exposed to air or water, such as fish, or in direct … Read more

33 Forest Fire: Threatened the region’s biodiversity and Environment

Forest Fire

General Introduction: Forest Fire The most common danger in the forest is fire. Forest fires are as old as forests. They pose a threat not only to forest resources but to the entire governance system and have seriously threatened the region’s biodiversity, the environment, and the environment. In summer, when it is not raining for … Read more

32 Insects Ostracism:- Does the Earth Environment lose 1-2% of insects due to climate change?

Insects Ostracism1

Introduction of Insects Ostracism:– Insects can be found almost anywhere imaginable. The size, shape, color, biology, and history of their lives are diverse, so it makes the study of insects interesting. Insects are essential to the world food chain and help eliminate waste. In agriculture, insects help to consolidate the grasses of the environment. Insects … Read more


image 182

Introduction: Environmental inheritance, a process by which the structure of a biological community develops over time. Primary and secondary successors have been separated. Early inheritance occurs primarily in inanimate areas where the soil is unable to sustain life due to factors such as lava flows, newly formed sand dunes, or disciplinary deviations from retreating glaciers. … Read more

18 Tropic Level Ecosystem- Food & Energy Transform

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Tropic Level Ecosystem- Food & Energy Transform A trophic level refers to a position or level in a food chain or ecological pyramid. It occupied by a group of organism that has a similar feeding mode. Trophic level is numbered according to the number of steps or levels an organism is away from the source … Read more

Ecosystem – Interaction with Organism System Relationship

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Introduction: The Earth is the only planet orbiting the Sun that is known to support life. Life exists only in a very thin layer surrounding the earth, which is called the biosphere. The sun is the only source of energy that provides continuous interaction between various life forms. In addition to the fact that we … Read more