29 Structure Of Igneous Rocks

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The composition of igneous rock is largely characterized by many factors.(28 Igneous Rocks: Introduction, Classification, & related terminology) Fig.1:- Structure of Igneous Rocks Fig. 2:- Structure of different rocks Credit https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mijo_Nikolic/publication/318115906/figure/fig1/AS:512111257763840@1499108246053/The-grainy-structure-of-different-rocks-a-Breccia-b-conglomerate-c-limestone-d.png. Igneous structures are usually classified into three main groups, as follows: 1. Mega- Structure: These are usually formed at the extrinsic magma (Extrusive Rock) … Read more

28 Igneous Rocks: Introduction, Classification, & related terminology


Introduction: Igneous Rocks are formed by the solidification of magma below or above the surface. This is a branch of geology that deals with the study of rocks and include: a). Petrogenesis:   It denotes the origin and modes of occurrence, as well as the natural history of rocks. Credit: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Geoffrey_Howarth/publication/321130500/figure/fig11/AS:668598364286978@1536417680143/Schematic-illustration-of-the-petrogenesis-of-NWA-8657-showing-early-stages-of-evolution.png b). Petrography: its deals … Read more

26 Concepts of Crystology: Solid-State Physics

Solid State Physics

Introduction: Solid-State Physics As we know about the Crystallography term which is a most important branch of geology, that deals with the study of crystals and Laws of Crystallography that are related to the regulates their improvement, Internal and External shape/Structure called Crystallography. Now we will talk about, The terms of Solid-state physics are the … Read more

25 Fossils Organism: Secret Physical Evidence

Fossils Organism

General Introduction of Fossils Fossil plants or animals are physical evidence of the existence of plants. The most common and obvious fossils are the remains of animal skeletons. Other fossils that also contain evidence of previous fauna include leaf prints, footprints and footprints, droppings, and original casts. Microscopes are microscopic skeletons of pre-existing plants or … Read more

Concepts Of Geology

General Introduction: Geology is a major branch of earth science and includes the long-term evolution of the Earth’s atmosphere, surface, and life, including plate tectonics and mountain formation, volcanoes, and earthquakes. The long-term evolution of the Earth’s atmosphere, surface, and life. Geology is quite socially relevant due to the growing demand for resources, exposure to … Read more