45 What is Urban Heat Island

Urban Heat Island

General Introduction: What is Urban Heat Island ? The concept of urban heat island is defined as a zone of warmer temperatures in the center of a city produced by enhanced absorption of solar radiation by urban surfaces and by waste heat release. We call the central area an urban heat island because it has … Read more

Remote Sensing Using the Thermal Infrared Spectrum Range

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Introduction: After the development of remote sensing technology, the study of the earth’s natural resources become easy. The term remote sensing stands for observing something from the distance. The sensing of some things can be done by using a remote sensor that is mounted on a suitable platform such as a ground-based, air-based, and satellite-based … Read more

The Basic Concept of Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing derived from two words, REMOTE + SENSING Remote means distance Sensing means observation Remote sensing means ‘sensing an object or phenomenon, from the distance with the help of a suitable device/platform. “Colwell (1984)” Remote sensing is the acquiring of data about an object without touching it. “American Society of Photogrammetry, 1952; 1966” the … Read more