03 Coral Reefs

Chapter -1 CORAL REEFS Introduction: Coral is a cold rock type that mainly consists of the skeletons of small marine organisms known as “polyps”. Coral reefs and atolls are formed from the accumulation and pressure of the skeletons of these lime-secreting organisms. Coral reefs are vibrant, colorful, and multifaceted underwater ecosystems, and are home to … Read more

02 The Basic Concept of Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing is derived from two words, REMOTE + SENSING Remote means distance Sensing means observation Remote sensing means ‘sensing an object or phenomenon, from a distance with the help of a suitable device/platform. “Colwell (1984)” Remote sensing is the acquiring of data about an object without touching it. “American Society of Photogrammetry, 1952; 1966” … Read more

Introduction of Oceanography

General introduction: Oceanography The Earth’s surface is divided into two major types: oceanic, with a thin dense crust about 10 km thick, and continental, with a thick light crust of about 40 km which are also known as first-order relief features. The ocean and seas cover 70.8% of the surface of the earth, which amounts … Read more