SATURN: PLANET OF RINGS Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun after Jupiter, Saturn also known as the second largest planet of our solar system. Saturn as a planet is famous for its rings. As a gas planet, it is made by most of the gas molecules of hydrogen and helium.  Saturn orbits at … Read more

Next Planet For Civilization “MARS”


Next Planet for civilization “MARS” Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the seventh biggest planet after the earth. The name of Mars carries the name of the Roman god of War. Mars takes 687 days for orbiting the sun (revolution). It is the outermost planet in the list of inner planets (Mercury, … Read more

Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

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Great Conjunction Jupiter Saturn (Christmas star) One of the important astronomical events will take place on the night of 21 December 2020. Jupiter and Saturn two gas giants of the solar system will be just at 0.06 degrees apart, which forming an incredible event for the astrologers known as “Double planet”.  The last time they … Read more