32 Insects Ostracism:- Does the Earth Environment lose 1-2% of insects due to climate change?

Introduction of Insects Ostracism:

Insects can be found almost anywhere imaginable. The size, shape, color, biology, and history of their lives are diverse, so it makes the study of insects interesting. Insects are essential to the world food chain and help eliminate waste. In agriculture, insects help to consolidate the grasses of the environment. Insects Ostracism was determined by Dr. David L. Wagner Ph.D. Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary, an entomologist EEB Faculty and lead author of a special package of 12 studies by the National Academy of Sciences written by 56 researchers from around the world.

According to world-leading pest experts, climate change, light pollution, pesticides, herbs, invasive species, and changes in agriculture and land use cause the Earth to lose 1-2% of its pests each year. Scientists call the problem called the emergence of insects a puzzle, but experts say they don’t have all the pieces yet, so understand its complexity and vastness and focus on the world. You need to guess and do something Difficulty comes. According to the Global insect report, There are about More than 40% of insect species are in decline and a third are threatened with extinction, the estimation found. The extinction rate was eight times faster than in mammals, birds, and reptiles.

According to the best available data, the total weight of insects decreases by 2.5% per year, indicating that they may become extinct within a century. The planet is at the beginning of the sixth mass extinction in its history, with large losses that have been reported in larger animals that are easier to study. But insects are by far the most versatile and abundant animal, 17 times larger than humans. Researchers say they are “essential” for all ecosystems to function as food(Tropic Level Ecosystem- Food & Energy Transform) for other organisms, pollinators, and nutrients.

Insects Ostracism

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Impacting the World’s the Insect Kingdom

David Wagner said butterflies in the United States consumed fewer algae due to dry weather due to climate change. Changes in American agriculture will also eliminate the weeds and flowers needed for nectar.

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  • Extinction Rate Faster.
  • The total weight of insects decreases by 2.5% per year.
  • Loss of breading capacity.
  • Effect on product quality made by insects.
  • Variation in insects kingdom.

Critical Situation

  • While researchers are still in the process of finding out if the rate of insect loss is greater than with other species,
  • Wagner said about the Insects Ostracism that there is reason to be more concerned that insects are the target of an attack with insecticides and herbicides.
  • Lacks of insect products that are made by insects.
  • Destroyed the insects, also the extinction of flower species.
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Important of Insects

  1. Insects are very important for the food chain in the world and help reduce waste.
  2. According to Wagner,Insects Ostracism in insects are mother nature and the tree of life.
  3. In agriculture, plants help cross-pollination in the region.
  4. Many insects eat or carry dead matter, decomposing, absorbing, and removing all substances from the environment.
  5. Many insects live on grasses and food plants and in turn feed on many birds, amphibians, fish, lizards, and other animals.
  6. Thus, they provide food to the members of the food chain.
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  1. Without insects, our lives would be very different. Insects poison many fruits, flowers, and vegetables.
  2. Except for pest control services we enjoy and rely on most products, not to mention honey, beeswax, silk, honey, and other useful pesticide products.
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  1. Insects are very important as primary or secondary enzymes.
  2. With no insects and no help in waste disposal, dead animals and plants will accumulate in our environment and it will be really messy.
  3. Insects have maintained the Natural and biological control of our earth’s ecosystem(Ecosystem – Interaction with Organism System Relationship).

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